The Global Health Organisation was created to deliver the world real public health policies.

Ones free of bias and the influence of large Pharmaceutical companies, and huge dangerous agendas pushed by individuals such as Bill Gates, who has been the largest donor to the World Health Organisation for the sole reason to take control of it.

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The Global Health Organisation set to launch to expose the WHO corruption by Gates and his vaccine cronies and to provide the world with unbiased and uncorrupted Public Health measures after WHO has been exposed for participating in the Covid fraud



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We are a group of senior medical doctors and health professionals concerned about the
health impacts of the lockdowns used in response to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks across Australia.

CMN Statement

‘Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being
and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’.

The Australian Federal and State Governments response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus is now doing more harm than good. It may cause more deaths, and result in far more negative health effects, than the virus itself. It risks creating Australia’s worst ever public health crisis.

Many Australian doctors and other health professionals consider the lockdown measures to be disproportionate, not scientifically based, and the cause of widespread suffering for many Australians.

The Covid Medical Network, in solidarity with thousands of international doctors, calls for the cessation of all disproportionate measures that contravene the International Siracusa Principles.

Support Independent Media as they support the resistance and us to defeat the Globalists.

A new social media platform ( built by the people for the people, a force for good.

Powered by Australian National Review an independent, not for profit news media company, built by the people for the people, as well.

Also, the platform will be known as ANR Social too.

It will be censor free and blockchain protected, it combines the best of YouTube Features for uploading videos, plus Telegram and Facebook type features for ease of sharing articles or content and to keep in touch with family and friends privately and securely away from the eyes of the Government Agencies.

To combat the censoring, and banning of those who speak the truth, and those who are seeking the truth, will be everything Fake Book isn’t.
Now, is the time in human history where the resistance fights back against Global Tyranny, and the Globalists, and their Great Reset Totalitarian Agenda. and support the Great Awakening, or as we call it the Greater Reset.

It is supported by the resistance crypto currency’s such as “Our World Coin” ( and Bitcoin 2.0 ( as well and a marketplace will be added.

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