29,000 Deaths? Revisited

29,000 Deaths? Revisited

By Dr Scott Jensen

One year ago, Tim Walz said that Minnesota would have 29,000 COVID-19 deaths. I didn’t believe it then and it’s turned out to not be true – or even close to reality. We trusted BAD science and BAD models. It’s time for a new direction!


Here’s what others had to say:

Tami G. Adams
As a mental health therapist in Western PA, I can affirm what you’ve said… the mental health damage is more than I’ve ever seen in my career…I so so appreciate your genuine, real concern… it troubles me greatly that so many politicians really don’t care about what’s happening to the public… I pray for more ‘real’ people like to come forward and use their voices for the public good… we have to use our voices… God bless

Lily Hof
Thank you for having common sense and standing for truth in a time of tyranny and deep corruption.. You are on the right side of history which leads the path way to a hopeful future. Sorry for the loss of your patient and friend.

Terri Haney Wagner
I’ve never commented before but I’ve been listening to you this whole time through this whole thing. I’m very grateful for you and things that you said in the past have always resonated. Sometimes you just know somethings terribly off, and when you hear someone like you in the position that you’re in tell it like it is, it only makes sense.Thank you for your bravery and your honesty and all of the subjects you have touched on. Thank you.

Judy Closson-Prior
Our Nation needs you Doctor Jensen! God bless you, please continue to speak the truth! So sorry for the loss of your brother and your patient🙏 How many Doc’s make the call to families??

Lisa Persinger
Thank you so much for your bravery and getting the truth out there. You truly care for the best interests of humanity and are on God’s side. We need you so please continue to stand strong in this battle for truth, justice and freedom. The guilty ones have to be revealed and prosecuted for their crimes against humanity. So sorry for your loss.

Susan Hildebrandt
Thank you Dr. Jenson. Honesty has been sorely lacking in politics and health advisors in Canada this last year. An honest voice from any politician especially a doctor is a ray of sunshine in our troubled world. Keep speaking your truth because you are helping many.

Original Source: https://fb.watch/7OXno1bP9w/

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