$500 donors get $1000 in Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2), $1000 donors get $2000, $2500 donors get $10000, $5000 donors , $30,000, $25,000 Donors will get $250,000 Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2), all on offer for our generous GHO donors. Designed to help us expose Bill Gates, help defeat mainstream media false Bs 19 narrative, and help put an end to child sex trafficking.

We are competing against billion dollar funded mainstream media companies and multi billion dollar “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”. We must become much more resourceful and creative at raising funds to fight our well funded enemies.

We need your help to win this battle and appreciate all the donations so far.
If you are able to please support us, and our generous sponsor in Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) will arrange additional bonus’s to reward our donors.

Plus any donation above $250 can be converted to an advertising credit to use with GHO anytime in the next 5 years. Includes Banner ads, tv ads, sponsorships of shows,email blasts etc.


$2.5 million Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) on offer for our generous GHO donors, to help us expose Bill Gates de population agenda, help defeat mainstream media false narratives including the falsified Covid virus used as a Trojan horse to usher in the communistic “The Great Reset”, and help put an end to child sex trafficking and other important initiatives.We are proud to announce the signing of Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) as one of our main sponsors for the GHO (selected as one of the independent media channels making a difference and worthy of support to grow more to help defeat mainstream media monopoly.)

As a result of this sponsorship, and to assist GHO in boosting its donations and advertising to fund its operations and expansion into a 24 hour Global News Network (we are a not for profit) and one of only a select few that you can gain allocations of Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2), prior to its upcoming listing planned for April 28th, 2021 Initially on a Uk based Exchange, then others.The Minimum donation to qualify for Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) allocation is $250 (however you only receive a 1-1 token allocation ie $250 worth of Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) tokens at or before listing).

2-1 token for $500 or more in donations.However for a limited time if you donate $1000 or more you will get 2-1 tokens.

This means if you donate to GHO $1000,Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) have agreed to issue you with $2000 worth of tokens at the $0.20 cents list price.

A $1000 donation would be $4000 in tokens. Limited Bonus 6-1 token.Any donors or advertisers with an amount of $5000 or more, will get 6-1 token so a $5000 donation means Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) will issue you $30,000 in tokens, based on the list price.

And a limited bonus for $10,000 plus donors of 8-1 being $80,000 Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) tokens at the April 28th, 2021 list price. 10 to 1 bonus in limited time.

A $25,000 or more in donations will for a limited time get 10-1 in tokens of Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2), being $250,000 in tokens at the April April 28th, 2021 list price.Plus note all donations receive Advertising credit valid for up to 5 years, that you can use or transfer or resell as well as our Sponsor Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2)’s additional generous offer. Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) is backed by advertising credit a real currency for small to large businesses.Note that merchants including some homeowners, landowners, boat owners etc are already accepting Bitcoin and soon Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) to purchase assets with as well as merchants who you’ll soon be able to buy things using Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2).

It is being planned that Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) like Bitcoin is already, will be useable for lending as collateral as well.

Current Bonus Offer. Limited Time.

Apart from receiving equal advertising credit $1 for $1 you will receive the following Bonus from our Sponsor Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2)

$250 Donation
Bonus $250 Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2)

$500 Donation
Bonus $1000 Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2)

$1000 Donation
Bonus $2000 Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2)

$2500 Donation
Bonus $10000 Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2)

$5000 Donation
Bonus $30,000 Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2)

$10,000 Donation
Bonus $80,000 Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2)

$25,000 Donation
Bonus $250,000 Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2)

The Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) wallet will be released in March for you to open one then.

Then before the April 28 th 2021 list date they ( Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) ) will load your wallet with Donor information we provide.

After it lists you can trade or sell down as conditions listed in the Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) Whitepaper.

You will simply need to open your Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) wallet when they send it to you plus they’ll make it available on their website.

If you made a donation to CNBS News for the Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2) offer please email your transfer receipt, name and amount.

Yes, Plus Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Yes via the website.

An Assessment of Covid-19 & the failure Global Health Policies of the WHO