The Pandemic Hotline

The Pandemic Hotline

By JP Sears

A little behind the scenes peek at the Pandemic Hotline handling the most important questions.

Here’s what others had to say:

Esther Okuda
Perfect characterization of the insanity that we’re experiencing. The video is hilarious, but so true that I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Elaine Gabriel
JP!!! You are the best of the best!!!
This is right on..,AND hilarious! As usual!
Thank you for the TRUTH in the form of comic relief!
Cheers to AMAZING you!

Leslee Royal
This is your best one I’ve seen yet!! You’re a legend, please keep doing what you’re doing!

Kenneth Wright
I usually appreciate your videos, as in when you mock the press (those are great) and critize SJW. i will keep watching and remain subscribing, but you are way off the mark here.

Melanie Atherton
The last “caller” was so sad because it’s true.

Crystal Yeary
Oh man this is gonna trigger some woke people! 😂 JP Sears is saving America though with straight truth through comedy! Well done!

Brian Hemrick
Keep it up jp. You the man! Its such a radical point of view for you to point out the clear discrepancies of this situation lol. How dare you cite reason and evidence as your, well…. evidence. Come to naples florida to the off the hook comedy club please.

Claire Gormley
Love you JP. So great that you are helping to wake people up in this way!
We also need to laugh at this absurd, bizzaro and surreal reality. Let us take to the streets if they try to enforce vaccinations.

Andrea Pabel
You are so lifting my spirits! When they say humor is the best medicine they talk about you! Thank you so much for all you do to make us laugh you truly are the best.

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